Are Osteopaths Doctors

The M.D. and D.O. degrees will both allow you to practice medicine as a doctor in the United States. However, there are several important differences you should keep in mind when deciding whether to apply to allopathic or osteopathic medical schools.

Osteopathic medicine was founded in 1874 by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still. Since then, D.O. schooling has gained some momentum – there are now over 30 D.O. schools in the U.S. and they constitute approximately 20% of all medical students enrolled in the United States.

As for differences, there are several important considerations:
1) Curriculum
The curriculum between D.O. and M.D. medical schools is nearly identical, with the exception of osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM for short). Osteopathic schools require 300-500 hours of additional OMM training on top of the regular science content you would learn during your pre-clinical and clerkship years as a medical student.

2) Exams
In allopathic medical schools, you take the USMLE Step exams. In osteopathic medical schools, you take the COMLEX exams. However, the more important difference to note is with regards to getting into the two types of medical schools.

Osteopathic medical school matriculants have lower average MCAT and lower average GPA than their allopathic medical school counterparts. This means it is less competitive to get into D.O. schools.

3) Disadvantages of D.O. School
Unfortunately, the D.O. is not respected to the same degree as the M.D. I believe this comes down to two factors: first, less competitive students, on average, pursue the D.O. track. Second, the pseudo-science surrounding certain practices, like craniosacral therapy, doesn’t exactly engender a sense of confidence and competence.

Who Should Apply to Osteopathic Medical Schools?
Ultimately, there are 3 good reasons to apply to D.O. schools over M.D. schools
1) You’re interested in OMM
2) You’re going into primary care or less competitive specialties
3) Your GPA and/or MCAT are low

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